From Tennessee to Sydney and Everywhere in Between.

After that study abroad, I planned and planned and saved for 2 years to be able to travel after I graduated with no limits on where I could go, who I could meet and most importantly what and how much I could eat.

I graduated and got on a flight 2 days later for Colombia and, over the next 6 months, travelled through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. My Spanish improved, I met some of the best people I had ever known and I had just made this “itch” much worse.

My next stop was Munich, Germany where I would fall in love (again) with the language, culture and food! I was contacted about a job as an Au pair and I was hooked! I spent the next year in a small town outside of Munich helping the best family and travelling every chance I took.

A happy me at Eibsee

I did eventually go back to the U.S. to start my “real life”. I found a job that was in line with what I studied (Outpatient Nurse at a Veterinary Clinic), I enrolled back in University to do some further study to prepare for applying for my Masters, and I began renting an apartment with one of my close friends.

That was fine for a while..but, what always happens? After about a year, I started thinking about how I am going to be able to travel again. How am I going to live somewhere else again? Once I started getting into the routine of working and studying, I began feeling trapped. I, now, had to be regulated by vacation days and class schedules. This was exactly what I was trying to get away from in the first place!

Luckily, the world heard my cries and I was contacted by the same German family, saying that they were looking for more help for thei home, but I would have time to find a job if I wanted, but could live with them in exchange for childcare.

Ja, Bitte!

I could not buy my ticket fast enough. I put in notice to my job, booked a flight for right after my final exams and began preparing to go back to the motherland!

That next 18 months was filled with friendship, drama, travel, children and love. I worked at a bilingual Kindergarten, lived with my German host family, friends and (for a short stint) alone. I also fully experienced the German healthcare system, Oktoberfest and Keto.

It was when I met my partner, Matt and when I decided, because of the aforementioned man to move to Australia.

That’s where I am now and where I will be until my next adventure calls me somewhere new.

In my next posts, I’ll fill you in on how I have been in Australia for over a year and have kept my “let’s move countries!” itch at bay. It should be known that I am waiting on my Partner Visa to process and can’t actually move countries without risking being stuck outside of Australia for the next 2 years.

This only intensifies the “get me out of here!” voice that plays over and over in my head.

How are you guys finding contentment where you are? Do you have the itch or are you one of those blessed people that feel content wherever they are? That is definitely where I am trying to get with life.

Thanks for reading! Follow along if you would like to watch as this journey of travel, love and health unfolds 🙂


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