How to Make the Most of Your Time Abroad // Through Tears and Triumphs

Make Plans

These don’t have to be big travel plans. These can be anything that you can look forward too.

When you’re in a new place and missing home, months can feel like years of you have nothing tangible to look forward to.

Matt and I plan one big trip a year to go back to the U.S.A to visit my friends and family (again, blessed!) and smaller trips throughout the year to go camping, hiking, fishing, and (our favorite) eating.

To help with our planning, we play little games where we pretend that we are leaving Australia forever, never to return. So, what do we want to see before we leave?

Then, we write those things down.

Ours looks like:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Cairns
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Great Ocean Road
  • Blue Mountains
  • Uluru
  • Jenali Caves
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania

We write down all the places that we want to see, what we want to do there and when. Then, we plan!

It almost makes me miss Australia ahead of time, if that makes any sense. I start getting sad at the thought of leaving because there are still so many things that I haven’t done.

This makes it easier for me to stay another day, week, month, decade even. I think, even if I have the opportunity, I can’t leave yet because I have to go to at least one more place. Because, if you think that I’m flying 24 hours and paying $2500 to come back to see it, you are mistaken.

Make plans and stick to them. Get a calendar and, every week, write down something that you WANT to do. Plan it and execute it. These little steps will make the next chunk of time here much more enjoyable.

This is your life! It should be enjoyable. There are always times in life where you are stuck somewhere that you would rather not be, but that doesn’t mean this time has to be wasted.

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