Living Abroad and Ageing Parents

Nothing has been on my mind more than, “where do I want to end up?” Can I really spend the rest of my days in Australia where I am a thirty hour flight from everything?

I’ve always thought about where I would want to move and the answer has almost never been the USA. It was too familiar, had too many memories connected to it and, to be honest, there are a lot of people I dislike there.

But, as we approach my dad’s 72nd birthday, I am starting to think that those things don’t matter as much. The US is so big! I could live a 7 hour flight from Tennessee and that would still be close enough to fly there if something were to happen.

Staying here, I don’t have that option. Not to mention, the cost to fly there from here last minute could be $3000 if I’m lucky. No thank you.

I was never a family person, but as Ive gotten closer to Matt’s family it has really opened my eyes to the importance of staying close even during disagreements and Boy 0′ Boy does my family have disagreements!

I don’t want to live this petty life, where I move away and never speak to my family, because growing up was hard. I want to be better than that. I want to go back, with intention to improve our relationship and not waste the time we have together.

It sucks that it takes moving across the world to see the beauty from where you came from, but hopefully reading this has given someone the boost they need to contact someone they love or to look around them and appreciate where they are even though they might want to be a million miles away.

Thanks for reading!


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