Moving for Love: Do you stay somewhere that you don’t like?

Since moving to Australia, I have had to have this conversation a lot.

“Do you like it here? Could you live here forever? Do you regret leaving Germany?”

I am constantly being asked whether or not I like living here. And to be honest, no, not really. I don’t like it per se, but I don’t not like it. It’s just eh. 

In the many (and I mean MANY) conversations my partner and I have had about my enjoyment of this place he loves, I have described Australia (basically just Sydney, because I haven’t seen any other part) as being a potato.

“What do you mean it is a potato?”

Glad you asked. I mean that it is just a potato to me. I don’t feel ver strongly for it. Sometimes it’s nice and is a french fry to me and sometimes it’s just a raw unappetising potato. Doesn’t bother me, but doesn’t really inspire pure joy (especially now that I’m playing around with Keto and all).

This really bothers some people. It bothers my partner for a real and understandable reason. He wants me to love it here as much as he does, because that would be easy and really seal this relationship up nicely, but that’s not really how this household runs. Easy has never been our style.

I mean, he also just wants me to be happy, because I’m sure it sucks to see someone you love not enjoy just existing in a new location.

I mean other people. Australians, non-australians who moved here, and Americans who wish they could live here.

Everyone gets really butt-hurt that I don’t see their potato as some higher being. Well, guess what? I wish I loved your potato. It would make things SOOOO much easier, but I don’t.

I have to repeat this all the time, not to myself, thank god, but to my partner, my friends and sometimes his friends : I don’t regret moving here. I’m glad that I did it. Yes, I thought that it would be easier, but that’s okay. I’m where I need to be.

Now, let’s all let that sink in.

Good. Do I like it here, where I currently live and exist in life? Not really. But, I don’t think about it that much.

Do I often dream of travelling and visiting old and new places? You bet your ass I do. Do I have hope for the future that everyday will not be like this? For sure.

That being said, I have everything I need here. Wanting to move and live another place is a first-world problem I don’t mind having.

The only thing I can do is plan for the future I want with my partner, go out and find things that inspire me here instead of always wishing for another place, and be grateful that I get to experience all the good and bad tidings that come with moving for Love.



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