Popping Champagne In The Eye Of A Storm

Well, it seems that my unemployment is coming to an end.

I received a call this morning offering me a job in a Vet Clinic. Though the clinic is not the nicest place to look at, I am relieved and happy that I finally found a job, especially one related to what I studied. I mean, it’s adjacent to what I studied anyway.

I didn’t really jump for joy or anything. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing.  Maybe I’m just so tired of applying and not getting called, or actually getting an interview and then never hearing anything. I think maybe I’m just too tired to feel excitement at the moment. But I am very optimistic that over the next few weeks as I am getting trained, I will start to feel like i actually belong here.

Heck, I might even make some friends (fingers crossed).

The last few weeks in Aus have been the best since I arrived. I look back at how terribly I felt for the first 3 months here and it feels like I am thinking about a completely different person.

Nothing really special has happened recently. The most noticeable thing was my partner starting Keto and I was able to share some of the stuff I have learned and try to pass on my passion of Fat-bombs to him.

I have been nurturing him through his Keto Flu. I’m not a very comforting person, but I tried.

I don’t know what caused the shift. Maybe it was actually getting called for interviews, or reading into my visa more to see what I could even apply for, or trying to accept that I’m unemployed, but some people dream of being unemployed so I should enjoy it for them (haha).

Everything has just been very calm. It feels like a baby life here is growing, like I’m not some floundering newborn who cant take care of herself, but maybe I’m a 3 year old.

I can say things and usually get my way and this place doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Heres to hoping I’m turning a corner and not popping champagne in the eye of the storm.


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