Patience Really Isn’t My Strong Suit.

This week has been a WEEK.

I always know it’ been a week, because I cant seem to post anything on the day that I am meant to.

I used to think I would write ahead of time and have things planned, because that’s the kind of person that I am.

I like to have control of everything in my life. I don’t even like going out to eat at restaurants anymore, because I want to have complete control of every ingredient going into my body (and my partners). That is probably not healthy and probably causes me more stress than anything, but at least I am getting pretty good at cooking now.

We just did a purge of all the inflammatory foods and ingredients in our apartment, because I have finally convinced my love to try Keto!

He was already going to start later in the year, but after the recent diagnosis, he has decided that there if Keto works for him and his inflammation, then there isn’t a better time than now to start.

This made me SO happy! I can take feeling bad. I can can hurt, be disheveled and hate everything, but I can get to a place where it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I just make the pain like white noise in the background.

It is so much harder for me to watch someone that I love going through a bad time and especially being in pain. Watching him eat dinner and then be in pain and feel terrible made me so sad.

When I feel sad for someone I care about, it often comes out in aggressive problem solving. I try to get the other person amped (kinda like a drill sergeant).


That might be a little dramatic, but it’s not far from the money. I want him to feel better, but I know I have to relax and just let things be and just be apart of the process.

Patience really isn’t my strong suit.

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