Health is a Funny Thing

Over the last few months, it feel like my life has been immersed in health talk.

Wether it be my own little Keto world that I’m living in or the mental health world my partner and I visit or the auto-immune world my partner has just been invited to.

Everything in our lives is all about health.

On one side, it feel like that is how it should be. That health should be the most important thing in everyones lives, because without it, we have nothing.

On the other side, I don’t really want to talk about the ramifications of using sunflower oil vs. Ghee all the time.

It feel like shit to have this life forced upon us. We cant just sit back and eat Cheetos on a Friday night. No, we have to go grocery shopping, grabbing only (mostly) whole foods, prepare and cook them in only organic, anti-inflammatory ingredients and then eat them at a slow-ish pace. Everything we consume now has a thought behind it.

Sure, we can go off the rails a bit and do a bit of cheating, but we both know what that does to each of us individually, as a whole and what it does to our relationship.

Now, me eating a cookie negatively affects another person. We have to literally plan when we cant to feel like shit.

If I sneak a bag of Doritos into my gullet when my partner is at work, that means we cant play Frisbee when he gets home. That means we aren’t enjoying our time together outside, in the sun like normal people.

Everything comes at a cost to us.

And sometimes I feel bad, because there are always people that have it so much worse. Better people with worse ailments exist. We aren’t saints. But that’s not really how I think. I like to torture myself with the thought that there are bad people out there that feel great after eating lie shit. That will go to their graves at a ripe old age, eating whatever they wanted and not felt a day of discomfort in their entire lives.

There are days when I’m glad that we are the way that we are. When I spend all day cooking delicious food and we get to talk about it and try new way to make old favourites. Then there are days like today, when I feel like I’m coming down with a cold and I just want to eat ramen noodles, but instead I have sauerkraut, because that is what is safe and in my fridge.

Didn’t meant to get moody. Please forgive me for the things I said when I was hungry.



  1. Remember that this diet will payoff in the long run. Keep in mind also that it could be worse, you could be trying to regain your lost health, which it doesn’t seem to be the case based in this post.


    • You are Completely right. I know that my partner and I are very blessed to be able to get up and go to work, I mean, I’m going to walk a puppy right now! I’m so fortunate and grateful that we are getting into this health thing while we are still young and able to make it a part of our lives and hopefully mitigate any future issues. I like to wallow in my bad vibes maybe a bit more than I should, but I know we are more lucky than most.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 every time people reach out to me on here, it’s always exactly what I needed to hear.


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