What Makes Keto So Difficult.

If you don’t know what Keto is and you want a thorough explanation, please google it and watch some videos.

The short of it is high-fat, low-carb. Bring on the bacon, steak and avo, leave off the bread and croutons.

When I first did Keto mid last year, I thought it was going to be hard. I thought, “man, any day now the cravings are going to come and I’m going to suffer.”

Nope, that didn’t happen. IN GERMANY I literally GAVE UP BREAD in a matter of weeks. I could go to work and say NO to the free, warm, delicious German bread and not feel a thing.

Things were a little different when I had to stop for a month and then jump back on. The second time, the cravings CAME FOR ME. I tried not to give in. I just tried a fry here and there, nothing crazy. But, I developed a need and obsession with Diet Coke. I never really drank it before, but it was allowed on Keto, so I drank to excess. (glad I’m off that weird wagon)

Fast forward to now, where I am on my third attempt and I feel like I did the first time around. I don’t really have cravings that I can’t solve pretty quickly.

I have dark chocolate laying around for shark week, pork rinds on deck for when I want something crunchy and egg muffins and fat bombs made up for when I get a little hunger that I just need to kill.

But, none of this is the hardest part of Keto.

no, no, no.

The hardest part is the way your family and friends look at you when you go out to a restaurant.

Everyone is sharing food and gabbing about what they want to get and how ‘great the garlic bread is’ and then they look at you with sad, puppy-dog eyes.

“I’m so sorry, we shouldn’t be talking about this.” Like I’m an addict or something. Okay, maybe I went ham on some chili-cheese fries in my hay day, but I’m not sick, becky.

Meanwhile, you have already decided on getting the steak salad, because you looked at the menu ahead of time (because, you know, you kinda have to) and you are completely… unbothered.

There are no cravings for these foods and if there is, it’s not major (otherwise you would have stayed home). You’re just sitting there living your best life, feeling great, just listing to everyone go on-and-on about food.

I think it’s just a projection (isn’t everything?) of themselves. Like, if they were doing what you’re doing then they would be freaking out about not being able to get fries and pancakes and beer and desert.

But, with every bite they take, they just stare at you, assessing your every emotion, reading into every glance at the onion ring basket.

That’s what’s hard.

Having to constantly tell people that you are fine. No, I don’t want to try your beer. No, I’m not hungry.  Yes, I’m sure. No, please stop apologising, this is my choice.

So, stay strong. Don’t let the food panicker and guilters get you down. If you feel great, you’re doing great!

Now, time to research restaurants for date night and baulk at all the appetiser sections of menus that LITERALLY only have different versions of potatoes. Seriously, man?


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