My Journey With Keto: Anxiety, Mood Swings and the Dreaded BLOAT.

I re-started my Keto ‘journey’ a few weeks ago.

I tried it once before in Germany for 2 months and it worked wonders for me. I lost all my bloat (bless!), had consistent energy ( worked in a Kindergarten, so I needed that energy), and, most importantly, it heavily reduced my panic/anxiety attacks and regulated my mood.

Before, I would have anxiety attacks about once a month and my mood changed like the wind. I could be getting ready for work, singing show toons and cracking jokes and, somewhere on my 15 minute commute to work, something would shift and I would be sour and ‘dead-faced’ as I like to call it.

So, here I am. Trying again. Since moving to Australia, I have had almost daily anxiety attacks that have been affecting my relationship, my ability to apply for jobs, and my ability to just get up and do something good for myself.

Although, I didn’t really want to start changing my diet drastically while I was still acclimating to my new mental hell, it felt like I couldn’t wait any longer and had to get back on the bandwagon to save myself and my relationship.

My partner is very supportive and might actually be joining me (on hi Dr.’s orders) because of his own health issues.

I started slow. In Germany I cut my carbs very fast, went right into intermittent fasting and working out. I was very motivated and excited about this new lifestyle and all the promises that it kept, but now I am going turtle pace.

I am consumed by stress right now and don’t want to add to it, so I am being kind to myself. I eased myself off of carbs, stopped buying carby things at the store and started making 1-2 keto meals for me and my partner during the week. We find what works, what doesn’t, what makes us feel good and what hurts us for days (damn you, fat-head dough! jk you’re amazing!).

I am optimistic about getting back on the wagon now. It seems liek you have to be in the right mindset before you start or the craving just haunt you. I feel like I’m there and my relationship has already reaped the benefits of my improved mood and energy.

Here’s to making the first have of 2019 better than the last half of 2018 🙂

Are any of you on Keto? How long? What’s your favorite part of being a fat-eater?:)



  1. Good content @Lindsay. I tried keto diet once but It didn’t work for me. I was craving carbs, mood swings and ….Craving again. Then I gave a shot to intermittent fasting, firstly I started with one meal a day (Omad) the result was the same…Cravings. Currently, I am glad because 15 hours fasting is working for me. I changed my approach, now everything is rolling.

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    • Thanks! I was definitely in the same boat for probably the first 2 weeks. After that I saw a definite change in my taste buds and began craving meat and fat more. Not to mention strawberries started tasting like the sweetest thing on earth and curbed every craving I had. IF is a game changer! I’m glad you’re seeing success with the 15 hour fast, it definitely varies person to person on what works for them.
      Keep it up! 🙂


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