Why Don’t I Like It Here?

Everyone keep asking me how I’m finding Australia.

They look at me with eager eyes for me to tell them what they expect I am thinking.

They expect I’ll say what everyone says when they come here for the first time.

I love it! It’s amazing! So beautiful and wild! Koalas and Kangaroos everywhere! It’s a dream!

My boyfriend also asks me..”Are you happy here?”

What do you say to that?

Do you tell the truth and feel like you’re dissing his country or do you tell the truth and face the inevitable questions after like, “Then what do we do about it? Do you want to move back?”

There is a lot of pressure when you move somewhere for someone. It feel like everyone is looking at you through a magnifying glass to see if you’re happy.

And if you’re not happy, that’s the last thing that you want.

Sometimes, I hate it here. I hate how chill it is, how everyone is so laid-back, how the weather is always “good”. I want rain, clouds, and storms so I can feel comfortable.

It’s so confusing to me how I can feel so ‘ehh’ about a place that people RAVE about. Everyone I talk to love Sydney and Australia so much and






I try talking this out with my boyfriend, but it’s basically just me trying to explain to myself why I’m not happy.

I miss my German life.

I liked everything about my life except that I didn’t have my Love, but now I have nothing BUT him.

I know I can make the life I want here, it’s just going to take me breaking out of my comfort zone and MAKING IT HAPPEN.

But, for some reason, I thought it would be much easier.

I guess the reason that I don’t like it here, it because everyone wants me to like it here and I’m kind of an ass.


  1. Hey, you like what you like for a reason. And everyone gets the opportunity to dislike what they want. Maybe Aus isn’t the best place in the world? Maybe, after some time you’ll adjust to your new surroundings and learn to love it for what it is. Home will always have a special place in your heart, but your love in your new home might have a new special place in your heart, eventually. Sending love ❤


    • Thank you 😭 I really needed to read that today 🙂 it’s nice to know that there are people out there that get it.
      I’m trying to leave my heart open to Aus, everyday gets a little bit easier ❤️ thanks for the support!


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