2019: Travel, Love and Keto?

I think I am not alone when i say that I am SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY that 2018 is over.

While it was the most life changing year of my life, it was also the year that I cried more days than I laughed, lost friends, felt lost and said goodbye.

I’m not going to let that vibe follow me into 2019.

At the beginning of the year I was laughing it up with my best friend while she waxed my legs, joking about finding a nice german man and settling down in Munich.

Fast-forward and I no longer have that friend, I am not in Munich and my legs are still aggressively hairy.

That being said, there are some things that I hope to accomplish in 2019 in different areas of my life. Maybe some of these will inspire you to make some needed changes 🙂


As soon as I made the decision to move to Australia and be here *fingers crossed* forever, I began worrying about wether or not I would have the finances or time to travel again.

I knew that I would eventually find a job and start saving money, but it could be YEARS before I was on a plane again, going to eat another delicious kind of pasta. In Europe I was always country hopping. Day trips, weekend trips and long holidays were always around the corner. Not now. Now, I am still looking for a job, holding on to every little piece of savings that I have left. It cost like a bazillion dollars to go anywhere (even within Australia) and Oz itself is already expensive, so I feel a little trapped here in Sydney.

This year I want to break out of that fear.

Australia is huge. I have to keep reminding myself that there is so much to discover here. I always thought of Australia as one place with not much to do and see. I was HELLA wrong.

I want to see more of Aus. I want to get in the car and drive up and down the coast with friends to see what my new home holds.

A bigger goal would be to fly back to the US for Independence day with my partner to show him the “real” America, but that it a bit of a lofty goal for this year. So, I’ll shelf it until I see how the next few months go job-wise.


This one is a bit simpler and much more difficult.

I want to be a better partner. I want to be more open to doing the things my partner wants to do, to be more patient with his…quirks, and to participate more in family activities without literally throwing a temper tantrum.

That last one is going to kill me.

This past year has made me realize that I have never actually participated in my relationships. I was just in them and they were in them and we were just..there, floating through the relationship.

Now, I am taking a crash course in communication (listening to be specific), organization and parallel play.

Lord help me.


If you haven’t heard of this diet/lifestyle/fad thing, it’s basically the “in” diet. High fat, low carb, good to go.

I’ve messed around with different ways of eating in the past. I get bored easily and just like to punish myself change things up a bit.

I stumbled upon the Keto diet mid-2018 when I was looking for a way to lose some of the stress weight that I gained after moving back to Germany for the second time. I started with reading the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. In that book, he mentioned the diet he created called the Slow Carb diet. I tried that for a month or so, but I never felt..good. I was always uncomfortable, tired and was still holding onto a lot of water weight.

So, one day I was watching a Tim Ferris youtube video, where he was tlaking about his Slow Carb diet and in this video he mentioned the “more extreme” version called keto. I love extreme, so I immediately jumped on that.

After a bit of research, I saw that Keto was great for mood regulation and general mental issues..umm, SOLD.

I started doing strict Keto a week later and stuck with it for 2 months before I got sick and had to stop for a month.

In that 2 weeks, I lost my water weight, I stopped having sugar cravings (I stopped eating bread in Germany..German bread is my favorite thing in the world and I just DID.NOT.WANT.IT.)

I was off the wagon for the last few months as I was getting over being sick with some unknown ‘thing’ (still don’t know what it was), moving from Germany to Aus via the US, and getting used to living with my partner (while trying not to have daily breakdowns).

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly restricting my carbs to get back into the Keto game and here I am! Now, I am fully doing Keto again and at just the right time. My partner has been diagnosed with some things that Keto has been known to help, so I am on the mission of making our home Keto for when he transitions in March 🙂

I’m really enthusiastic about starting this journey again and doing it in a way that is more sustainable for both of us. I was very very strict the first go-round and that’s not something that is healthy for me and not something that I think my partner will be down for, so I’m more chill this time. I am hitting my max amount of carbs I can have in a day instead of the minimum and it has done SO MUCH for my mindset in this change.

I’m leaving 2018 behind me as the most challenging growth year of my life and hopefully using that momentum to really love life in 2019.

Do you have any goals for the new year? A new mindset for 2019? What are you doing and how is it going so far? 🙂


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