Christmas In Australia: Pros and Cons.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Maybe because it’s Christmas time…in Australia. No shit. I know. What am I doing? Going insane, that’s what.

I’ve lived abroad before. I was in Germany for almost 3 years and I honestly thought that was a culture shock. The language was different, the people and the culture was well…shocking.

Nothing has prepared me for the shock of Christmas in Australia.

and honestly, I rejected the idea for a while. I sat in my little meiser chair and boo-hoo’d all month. I thought about all the negatives of having christmas here and what i would be missing and blah, blah, blah. Basically I was just being a little brat.

So, I’m here to (try) to write a few positives of the holidays here and (easily) some negatives to really round out this whole experience.


  • If you hate the cold and snow, Australia is the place for you.

Nothing but blue skies and warm-ish water. This is one of the reasons that it is hard to complain about an Australian christmas, because I’m basically complaining about living in a beach town. If you’re going to be sad about not bring home for the holidays, at least you’ll have a tan and some BBQ to keep you company.

  • You can buy Holiday Bikinis

This is a pretty cool perk. I feel like in the States, you can only really buy frumpy, big, itchy sweaters. Here, you can get santa bikinis, Mrs. Klaus nighties, and a miriade of other sexy christmas clothes. This may go against the ‘christian’ nature of Christmas, but honestly, that’s a big plus for me.

  • Cold drinks

No more of this making hot beverages nonsense and waiting for it to cool down. No! That’s not for you. Wintering in Sydney means you get to have beer, champagne and margaritas for christmas. I haven’t tried these cold holiday beverages, but I’m sure they are…interesting and drinkable.

Now, on to my favourite part of the evening: Complaining.


  • Its hot:

I am currently sweating while wearing shorts and a tank top. I hate sweating. People are singing carols and there are christmas trees in the square and I AM SWEATING..

I’m all about that cold life and that just isn’t the case here. I have to do a big shop to get appropriate clothes for the season (see above about christmas nighties) and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can survive here until the winter.

  • No Coziness

I am missing all the winter coziness that comes with December. I am an introverted person that likes to knit. i am not made for this climate. I want to sit on a soft sofa, knitting, drinking tea while watching the snow fall.

Now, I drink cold coffee, sweat and listen to the neighbourhood kids swimming across the street.

I still drink tea, but it just makes me sweat more. I have taken to putting them in the fridge, so I can have a nice cold drink in the morning.

  • Christmas culture

I’m not blaming Australia for this, it’s just the way things are when you live somewhere that’s hot during the holidays, but I miss having a strong christmas culture all around me.

In the states, you can drive around to go see the christmas lights in the neighbourhood and like most american things, they are so EXTRA! There are lights, music, dancing snowmen and maybe even a robot santa jumping from the roof. When I lived in Germany, every week in December, they celebrated Advent. There would be candle lighting, presents shoved in boots, lantern making, baking cookies and sitting by the fire. I was immersed (submerged basically) in Christmas joy. Even when I wasn’t with my Au Pair family, I was still going to christmas markets with friends to have glühwein and feuerzungenbowle to keep warm.

Australia just doesn’t have that intense spirit that I’m used to. It feels like this season is just a throw away month. It’s crazy how much you miss something when you might not be able to experience it again.

Where are you this holiday season? Is it hot or cold? Are you having a hard time adjusting to a new type of holiday cheer?

Let me know! 🙂


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