A Beautiful, Relaxing Day in Sydney.

Oh, man did we need this.

Beau and I finally carved some time out for ourselves to actually LEAVE the apartment (WHAT!?) and get some sunshine. And I gotta, tell you, it was about damn time.

You know when you’ve done nothing for so long that, even though you know you should and you actually want to do something, the thought of doing it takes so much energy, that you actually just stay inside? Does that makes sense?

Well, that’s where I was. I was so down from just wasting away on the couch, that I almost didn’t even want to go out and do anything.

But, we rallied! We got our butts out of bed, put on all the SPF 50 and went about 15 minutes down the road to Lane Cove National Park to go Kayaking.

And we didn’t take a single dang photo. It was glorious.

For about 2 hours, we just laughed, talked, and sat in silence, admiring how beautiful Australia really is.

It was like being in Jurassic park. There were these ancient looking trees, full of birds that I have never seen int he wild, like Cockatoos and (what looked like) Love-birds. Sometimes, it was so quiet, that all you could hear were the leaves rusting. I could’t have been happier.

It was the perfect thing for us for him and for me. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy each others company again without the added burden of Visa paperwork, furniture, or yet another mall trip for something we forgot.

We immediately made plans to come back with friends and a few garbage bags to  do a bit of a clean-up. The river was a little dirty and we both felt like doing something nice for something that has been so kind to us.

I have to admit, I wasn’t so keen on moving to Australia. I didn’t think it was very pretty or that fun to be in, but after this wonderful weekend, I can see how people come here to visit and stay a lifetime.

There is just something about the combination of being neat the water everywhere you go and the warmth of the Australian sun that is just so addicting.

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