Adapt, Adjust, Survive: The Post-LDR Life.

The last few weeks have been an up and down rollercoaster of emotion. I just needed a BREAK. Both of us did.

Going from long-distance to moving in together was more of a shock to my system than I ever thought. But, I guess this is the fun thing about traveling and being a person that only makes huge decisions. Although, it has been stressful, it is also exactly what I live for.

That’s where the confusion lies. Is this great? Is this awful? The world may never know.

There is a need to adapt, to put on my armor (I’ve been playing way too much Skyrim…I need a job) and waiting to fight off the next wave of problems coming at us.

First, there was the actual moving.

Then, furnishing the apartment, catching up with friends and family (this is the most stressful for me), getting to know each others habits, and the one I was most surprised about, seeing how our personalties clash when put into a confined space.

I’m a sarcastic pest, to be honest, and I think it is hilarious. But, it is one of those personalities that really starts to rub you the wrong way when there is no off switch. This has never been an issue, because I have never lived with someone before, but damn is it eye-opening for me to see just how damn annoying I can be.

I don’t mind not being a twat for a little while, but here’s the problem…this is how I deal with stress. So, during this immensely stressful time, I can’t use the one coping mechanism that I have been cultivating all these years.

So, what do I do?

Well, this is my favorite part.

I adapt!

This is what keeps me on my toes and loving living creating a new life. I notice something that doesn’t work and I adjust. When I try something and it actually works, I rejoice! then I shift and tweak something else. My life is almost always in one of three stages: Adapt, Adjust, and Survive.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my personality or that I’m “changing” myself. It just means that I pick and choose the times that I am a pest. Maybe, when my partner is overwhelmed with things at work, I don’t run up and give him a purple-nurple, maybe instead, I listen to his problems and then save the purple-nurple for when he’s drunk and also being a pest.

Relationships are all about compromise, right?

Thanks for reading! I can’t tell you how nice it is to just sit down and unload about the daily struggles and joys of this ever-changing life I have. I hope that someone out there can relate and has been helped by reading my thoughts over the last few weeks.

Things are really good right now 🙂 The last few posts have been a bit dark, but that just comes with the territory. Dark thoughts always seem to creep up when you are most stretched-thin.

But things are bright now and I’m hoping that they keep getting brighter!


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