What I’ve Learned About Australia in My First Two Weeks.

The first few weeks have been..busy, let’s just say that.

I feel like I haven’t had much time to look around and smell the roses and more importantly…analyze the locals *rubs hands together maniacally*.

But, I’ve taken a step back, interviewed my boyfriend about some typical Aussie things and here I am with opinions. So, here we go!

There is some friction between Aussies and New Zealanders

I already got a taste of this when I was working in Germany. I worked with a woman from New Zealand and every time we talked about home, she always had some snide comment to make about Australia. I even told her about how my boyfriend was actually raised in NZ and then moved to Australia much later and preferred it there and she got more than a little peeved about his preferences.

I have made a few light-hearted jokes here and there about the tense relationship between them that have…let’s say..flopped HARD.

So, be wary when you arrive that you don’t accidentally offend someone from either country. Better just to change the subject and walk away..


They are really protective of kids in the sun

Kindergartens in Germany are also pretty protective. They make all the kids wear sun hats before ging outside and we put sunscreen on all the kids EVERY TIME we went outside. If the kids didn’t have a hat, then they took a letter home asking for the parents to bring on, they borrowed another kids hat (gross, lice much??), or they couldn’t play out in the sun with the other kids. They were then sequestered to the shadiest part of the playground and always under supervision.

Here, though, I haven’t seen a public playground yet that didn’t have a sun shade. There are always these big covers over anywhere that kid would play. I know this makes total sense. It’s hot here, the sun is strong, child skin really isn’t the toughest but in the states it is unheard of.

I remember going to wooden playground in direct sunlight. Not only did I get splinters, I also got a few too many burns. I also went to florida once a year and barely remember a time I had sunscreen on. I am paying for that now, but then I thought it was normal.

I am so happy that sun protection is such a big thing here. Now, I wont feel like such a weenie covering up in SPF 50 like I did in the states.

People don’t actually walk around in swimsuits all day

While we were driving to the mall (for the umpteenth time) this week, we drove by a woman and her child wearing one-pieces just casually walking down the street. Take in mind, we don’t live by the ocean, that ish is like 30 min away by car. I didn’t really see anything wrong with it at first, because I thought, this is Australia, the land of flip-flops (thongs) and swimsuits, right?

Apparently, wrong.

My BF was quick to question their decision and then told me that people really don’t do that here. They wear cover-ups or a sarong around in public and dont think about going full swim suit until they actually get to the water.

Seems logical, go figure.


Australian drivers are maniacs

I don’t know what else there is to say about this. They are terrifying and I am not looking forward to the day that I start driving.

No blinkers, swerving everywhere, horns galore!

All I have to say, is Sydney, LOOK OUT! Because when this anxiety-ridden nutcase gets out there, it’s going to be a party.


The internet…

Apparently this is kind of well-known. The Australian internet is nothing to write home about. Very slow is most places, moderately slow if you know where to find it.

This is a very first-world problem that doesn’t bother me too much, it’s just something that I’ve noticed and have to adjust to.

It didn’t help that I went from the states where I was drowning in fast-downloading speeds and then came here. I think next time, I’ll do a 2 week no-phone retreat and then come here. Then, I will feel like a king on the interwebs. It’s all about perspective.


Thanks for reading!

I’m looking forward to figuring out more of Australia and even hope to learn the lingo soon 🙂


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