Week-aversary in Oz!

So, yesterday marked my 1 week mark in Oz.

So far, what has happened? Ups, downs, TVs, Ikea.. and Skyrim?


I landed in the Sydney Airport, walked happily into my beau’s arms and headed to our new home. I took some naps, ate tons of yummy Vietnamese food and proceeded to sleep the next two days away. 

This long rest period was quicky (too quickly, I think) followed up by a trip to the mall and ikea to buy many new and large pieces of furniture. We came home, assembled, realized we made a mistake, ewnt back to ikea, did an exchange switcher-oo and headed back to reassemble things once more. 

I’ve had dinner with my new family a few times, applied to a few jobs, had an interview yesterday and have been slowly getting addicted to Skyrim again (that could actually be a problem). 

I always thought a week was such a short span of time, but after the week that I have had and the one that I have shared with my poor poor boyfriend, I know now jst how long a week can be. 

I have had a few up and much more and more powerful downs over the last 7 days, some of which I have dcumented, but I’m glad to say that as I’m typing this, things are going well. 

We were inspired by our new game playing addictions to upgrade the TV, so now we are making a spontaneous trip to the mall again to get a new GIANT tv. I cant wait 🙂

I’m learning a lot about certain aspects of relationships that I’ve never really had to think about before. Things that I will compile into thoughts and get on here soon. It’s such a weird place for me to be in. All at once feeling the excitement of travel and learning a new culture, side-by-side with the calm security of domestic life with a partner. 

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I’m sure the feelings will continue to confuse me. Per usual. 


Thanks for reading. I really like these inpromptu feeling-spills that I’ve been having. Just unplanned, leaking emotion. Is that a brand? Well, it should be. 

Until next time!




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