My Top 5 most used (and basically favorite) German Words.

Servus! and welcome! As I’m preparing to leave Germany and do a bit of traveling and moving, I was thinking about some of the words that I use most often that I am going to miss. I use them all the time, wether it is with my American friends, German colleagues, or my host fmaily and they are going to be hard ones to let go of.

So, here;s me giving them one last bright moment, before I have to earn a whole new english in the Land Down Under.


You might have noticed that I use this word in almost every post. This is one of the many Bavarian greeting (I would also say the most popular) and the one I was most keen to use when I crossed the pond.

You can say this as hello or goodbye, much like Aloha in Hawaii and is most commonly used in the small villages in Bavaria, but can be heard around Munich as well. I use this greeting all the time in grocery stores, when greeting bus drivers and when I visit german friends and family.

They don’t say that you have to drop your voice 7 octaves and bellow it, but they don’t say you can’, naturally, I do.



This just means ‘exactly’, which doesn’t seem very exciting, but I use this word all the time. This has become somewhat of an inside joke with friends here and ones that have moved away. I’ll just drop it right in the middle of conversation (in English) and it feels like we are right back in the city square, sipping on Weißbier.

zum Beispiel:

“So, you want to go to the store before we go to the park, right?

“Ja, genau”

I feel so German when I use this in convo and actually have a hard time not using it when I visit the states or meet Americans out in town.


Another super exciting word over here haha. Oder literally means ‘or’. The weird thing about this work and the reason that I like it so much, is that Germans put this work at the end of sentences a lot of the time.

zum Beispiel:

“Kommst du Morgen, oder?” [you’re coming tomorrow, or? you’re coming tomorrow, right?”]

This is the phrase that has most ruined my english speaking. It seems that I cant ask a question without adding ‘or’ to the end of my sentences.

Pretty cool, or?

Mäuschen/ Mausi

Little mouse 🙂 how sweet, right? I heard this word a lot when I was an au pair and when I worked in a kindergarten here in Germany. This is an affectionate term for kids and I couldn’t get enough. Other little animal names include Häschen/ Hasi (little bunny), Schnecke (snail), and Bärli (little bear). Basically any animal you can think of, you can ad a diminutive end to it and make it a cute pet name for your friends, family, or cute little kids that you look after.


This is the cutest way to say bye that I have ever encountered. It always sounds like people are cutely saying ‘juice’ when I hear it 🙂 Juice! There are other ways to say goodbye in German, like the classic Aufwiedersehen!, but that is a mouthful and not nearly as sweet.

When I hear Germans sweetly saying Tschüss and Tschüssi to their friends and family, I question how anyone could think that the German language is harsh.

There are so many more words that I love in this language, but I’ll save those for later 😉

Do you have any favorites? Let me know!


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