5 Best Beer Garden Foods in Germany

So, we always talk about beer when referencing beer gardens, but let’s not forget the best side dish to a good beer: good food. And boy does Germany have some good food. They have every way you can dish up a potato and every style of meat along with some oldies but goodies, sauerkraut and many types of salads. These are just some of my favorite dishes when feasting at a beer garden. Enjoy!

Los geht’s!


Cucumber potato salad is my all-time, ride or die, favorite food in all of Germany. This isn’t some standard mayo-filled american potato salad..no, no, no. This, my friends, is a vinegary, cold-potaoey, creamy, delight. When I am having a rough day and just want to binge, what do I go for? Cookies, m&ms, or a pretzel? NEIN! I go for the Gurkenkartoffelsalat!

The way I described it makes it sound a little ecklig, but believe you me, once you try this delicacy, you will crave nothing more in deep summer than this cool refreshing treat.

2. Schnitzel

Ahh, the classic german Schnitzel. This is the chicken fingers of Germany. It is always a good choice when you cant make up your mind at a restraunt and even a bad Schnitzel is still a pretty good Schnitzel. Sometimes you can choose from different kinds of meat for your Schnitzel, like putenschnitzel (chicken), wiener- (veal), or sometimes even jagd- (hunters-sometimes made with deer). I would say puten and wiener are the most common and depending on where you are, you might gets sides like pommes (fries), horseradish or sauerkraut.

I am a classic wienerschnitzel mit pommes girl with TONS of mustard for my fries, because Germany has the best mustard in the world.

3. Pretzel

You can’t beat the bavarian pretzel, soft and hard in all the right places and with sizes to suit all kinds (whoa, this got weird). It is also the perfect dipping utensil for all the mustard I mentioned before. Get a nice Süssessenf and you wont regret it.

4. Schweinshaxe

If you’re feeling a bit extra and want to go all out, or if you are visiting just a few days and need to try something truly german, go for the Schweinshaxe: Pork knuckle. It is a beast of a meal and usually comes with my second favorite food: The Kartoffelnködel. The pork knuckle is large and in charge and makes you feel like you had a successful hunt in the woods and came back to a roaring fire with your bavarian family. Pair this with the potato dumplings and  it will leave you full and entirely sober no matter how many beers you’ve had.

5. Wurst

You cant have a list of german foods and not mention the sausages. Try every sausage you see (whoa, weird again) no matter how they appear. Germany has some of the most amazing meats I have ever tried and I wouldn’t have tried my favorite one if I went by looks alone. Weisswurst is a classic german sausage that most people I know shy away from because of it’s classic and kind of disturbing white appearance. Sure, I don’t think it has too much of a taste, but it is whole-heartedly bavarian and is a good transport mechanism for…. SENF! If it gets mustard into my mouth, it is on my favorites list. Currywurst is another classic to try. I usually save that for drunken nights out, but who’s to say that you cant have a drunken day out and enjoy them in a garden? certainly not me 🙂


Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this list and are as hungry as I am. I am heading to the Chinese Tower in Munich in just under and hour and writing this has only made my hunger grow! Today is a bit chilly, so I think it is a Weißbier and Pommes kind of day.

Which one was your favorite? let me know!


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