Day 1 of Oktoberfest..don’t be like me.

So, I was literally writing a post about how to prepare for Wiesn right before I put on my Dirndl to actually head out. And guess what, guys! I didn’t follow any of my own advice *face palm*

I left a bit later, leaving the apartment around 12. Luckily I only live about 15 min away from Theresienwiese (where Oktoberfest is held), so if the trains are stuffed, I’m not too bothered.

I did all the appropriate things before hand. I called my boyfriend and warned him that he might get a few drunk calls later (and oh, boy did he!), I played Wiesn music to get into the party mood, wriggled myself into my Dirndl, made up my face and just generally got pumped.

Now, all my drinkers out there, what is the most important thing to do before a night out? When you are going to drink, what must you do?


I forgot to eat, you guys. The most basic prep for drinking and I forgot. I knew I would be eating when I got to the tent..but I didn’t get into the tent until almost 1 and it took 45 min for the food to come. So, basically, I had dinner the night before around 7:30pm and then didn’t eat until 2pm the next day… *face palm*

Needless to say, I was trashed by 5.

Don’t be like me..

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