And so it begins. Oktoberfest is upon us.

Servus! and welcome

This may be my last post. As you know, Wiesn is here and she’s out for blood.

I don’t know if I will survive this year, but I am going to give it my best shot. This will be my 4th Wiesn, but the first one where I’m not working and don’t have to worry about hangovers or working with kids the next day.

Pray for me.

I’m skipping out on the parade (I saw Marienplatz the other day and the amount of tourist were frightening), but a few friends are heading in early to grab a table and get the party started for us.

I’m going to head in a bit later today, maybe in a few hours, so it’ll give me some time to talk to F. before the festivities begin. Being in a LDR is difficult, but when one person is in the land of Oktoberfest, I think it is very important to get that time in before to really solidify trust. It’s really important for me that F. feels secure knowing that I’m going to a fest full of drunk men who will buy me beer and know that I will be responsible.

So, this is me being responsible. I’m writing and drinking coffee instead of Dirndling up and hoisting up my ta-tas with my girls.

In an hour, though, I am out of here and on my way to WIESN!!!

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