Why I love the German Beer Gardens

Servus! and welcome to my favorite of all topics: Beer gardens. 

Have you every wondered where German spend their spare time in the warmer months? What keeps them so dang happy in Munich? Why is Germany so popular with Tourists. Well, it could be the history, the safety or the bread (and it most certainly is), but it is also because of my favorite German past-time: THE ONE, THE ONLY…



What Bavarians drink the most of and what they take most pride in. They drink it with Sunday Frühstück, at dinner with the fam, at every fest (hello? Oktoberfest anyone?). They serve it by the liter, they serve it in Maß, in shoes sometimes (eck!). Beer is the quintessential German beverage, that makes up everything that is German and will ever be German.

beer garden


These are the things that the Bavarians walk through. Also very popular on Sundays (nothing is open *deep sigh*). This is where a Bavarian might unwind after a long week at work, where the youths gather to listen to music and drink some of the aforementioned beers, where the fittest of the fit play volley ball and kick soccer balls that almost hit you in the face, and where you lay all your shit when you decide that you want to freeze and  jump into the Eisbach.

Combine the two and you have a place of relaxation and pleasure.

Most Beer gardens that I’ve seen have a cafeteria vibe. If the garden isn’t that full you can just go grab food and drinks and then look for a table after, but if it is pretty crowded, your best bet is to grab a table, have a mate save it and go in for the goods. You’ll walk through a turnstile and begin searching for the goodies. If you’re me, you’ll grab your beer (Weißbier oder Dubkelbier, Helles is the bane of my existence), then go searching for food (Gurkenkartoffelsalat und ein Schnitzel mit Pommes, bitte! Danke!). After you have everything, you will go through to the exit and pay (IN CASH!!), find your seat and divvy up the food. If you’re lucky there will be an Oompa band playing, which will give you a few opportunities to try out your Bavaian Prost! (cheers).munich-garden

Have a few liters and then wander off to lay in the grass, your soul will thank you 🙂

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