The 10 Positive things you should know if you want to move to Germany. Pt. 2


Welcome back! I am much more excited to write about this topic than I was for the negatives. The negatives really brought me down and made me feel bad for raggin’ on Germany when there are sooooo many positives to share. Finding 10 negatives were hard, 10 positives will be a walk in the beautiful, clean, quiet park.

Na dann, los geht’s!

1. Quiet time

Germany is the quietest place that I have every been in my life and I feel like I have been to quiet a few places. Germans, to me, are like owls in flight. If you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t even know that they were there. I can sit next to a couple on a train and hear them talk and not be able to make out a single work, mind you, I speak German and most people talk in english around here too. English or German, I cant make out a word. Compare that to me, an american, where everyone can hear everything I say for uo to 5 km. I am embarrassed by my loudness here, but it is amazing to be able to sit on a train in complete silence before work and just relax. i don’t have to worry about getting into convos with strangers or listening to couples fight, I can just relax.

2. Beer is almost cheaper than water

Mentioned in my last post, beer is extremely cheap here. it is the next cheapest thing next to water (I’m pretty sure there is a law that keeps it from going under water). If you go out to dinner, a half liter of beer will run you around 4 euro or you can buy a bottle at a store for less than 2 and bring back the bottle for 10 cents. As a person who loves a good beer (and Germany has arguable the best in the world) this is a huge positive.


3. Relaxing is a way of life

Walking through parks, enjoying a cake and coffee and grabbing an Eis are paramount if you want to be a happy German. since moving here, I have adopted this way of life (even going to the garden later for a happy stroll). Germans work hard and they relax even harder. It is rare that week or weekend will go by that a German doesn’t go to the mountains, the lake or to the local garden for a Waldbad and some frischeluft.


4. The bread is phenomenal (If you are gluten free..I’m sorry and please skip ahead. )

Carbs, Carbs. Carbs. I love me a good carb and when I come across them, they are devoured. German bread is probably my favorite food, though Ive had to cut back as of late. there are so many kinds: fitness bread, whole grain, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, farm bread, and potato bread(!!!) just to name a few. They come alone, with salami, with cheese, with mustard, any way that you could want them and all kinds are mind-blowing.


5. Natur

The nature in Bavaria blows my mind. I am very lucky to live in Munich for many reasons, but my favorite reason is because I am only an hour form the Alps. i can go to the mountains any day of the week and enjoy a beer by a crystal blue lake and make it back by dinner. The city is also very green. Every street is lined by trees, bushes, and flowers and there are an unlimited number of parks to visit and get your frischeluft on!

6. Walking is normal

I cant tell you how good it is to be in a place that i can walk around so easily. I prefer walking over any other mode of transport and in Munich its as easy as literally walking. there are paths everywhere and the sidewalks are large and in charge, much like the bike paths. fi its within an hours walk (and I’m not working and don’t have shot to do) I will gladly carry bags of groceries around town.

7. Public transport!!

I don’t own a car and haven’t for almost 2 years. I don’t have to worry about traffic, wrecks or being cut off on the interstate . There are trains, buses and trams everywhere and they can easily get you yo where you need to go. Sometimes there are delays, because Germany loved their constructions, but most of the time they are on time and efficient. I have a monthly ticket that gets me to the area i go most often and it costs me 66.60 a month. This covers all modes of public transport.


8. Health care!

I cant talk about this one enough. As an american, healthcare is something that i worried about a lot. Americans do not go to the doc for anything other than certain death, so to know that i could just walk in and be seen was an amazing feeling. I have never paid for any medical treatment while in Germany and i shudder to think of what my treatment would have cost in the states. I have gotten:

5-6 blood draws

4 ultrasounds

Gyno check up


emergency room visit

various medications

around 50 doctor visits in total

and I paid…. NADA! NIL! NICHTS!

9. Working conditions

Germany is made for employees and somewhat hinders business owners. Employees get a mandatory 30 days of vacation a year, minimum! Americans are mind-blown. These are paid days off that you must use during the year. employers will require you to use them, unlike in america where you are pressured to not use them because it makes you more “dedicated” to the company.

If you are off sick, you are also paid. WHAT! All you have to do is go to the Dr. and they write you off for as long as you think yo need, you tell your boss and give them the note and then send a copy to your health insurance company. They pay your work and they ay you. if you miss 45 days a year, you are paid for those and cannot be fired (by law) for missing those days.

10.  You are close to everything

You wanna go to the Netherlands? 1.5 hours. Spain? 3. Poland? take a train. Italy, Croatia, Portugal? Done! Germany is close to so many countries, the possibilities are endless. This was the biggest drawback when I was first planning on moving to Australia. I am not use to being secluded and having to fly a min of 6 hours to get anywhere. If you ever end up in Germany, take advantage of the fact that you are surrounded by amazing places and GO SEE THEM!


There are so many more positives to living in this wonderful country. I cold go on and on, but I think ill save them for future posts. Have any more to add? let me know!


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